Nourish to Flourish

30 minute Session  - $55 Virtual or In Person

Angel Cards, Energetic Vibration Scan, Coaching


Do you feel like your are truly NOURISHING yourself? In this session we take an inventory of where you are currently and where you want to BE.


Together we come up with a NOURISHMENT Plan and what will support you best.



Think Nutrition, Essential Oils, Supplements and Movement.


EmpowHERed Energy Session 

50 minute Session  - $111

​Embody your Energetic Flow 

Using the healing powers of reiki, aura cleansing, crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, and angels I will remove blocks and allow you to feel balanced and empowered.  Enhanced with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Add on;

An extra half hour of coaching or healing $44

90 days to Flow

Personal or Professional$1,111,

Weekly 50-minute sessions 4 a month

(12 in 3 months) 

#corefour:  Vision, Momentum, Nourish, Release

What if you could transform your life in the next 90 days?

That’s my promise to you.

  I will hold the space for you to tap into the wisdom of you body and your intuition.

You will learn rituals to recondition  yourself and your life.

Tapping into this cyclical flow & embodying her energy will allow you to flow through any phase of being, marking a full cycle of healing & transformation.  

You will learn how to better manage stress and recharge your energy, creating harmony, peace and balance.   

In this engaging experience, we illuminate elements of different healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, reiki, crystals, & intuition- ALL in sync with the vibe of the moon. 

Using a technique called Moon Mapping we will unveil your unique lunar rhythm and sync this with your personal desires.Shifting to a #moonmindset will allow you to walk away with a clear action plan, new time management system, and confidence in your own intuitive guidance.


Each Month you get one of these sessions synced with the Moon.

Vision - Through aligned action and the rhythm of ritual, these sessions will light your path & guide you back home to yourself.

Momentum - Through sacred movement, the body will align, strengthen, and restore


Nourish- Through mindful eating you will learn how to nourish yourself in a way that feels aligned and easy.

Release - Through spiritual bodywork, energetic shifts and restorative release will create the  space for the flow of healing. 

Through this deep work together, you will move through cyclical turns and from darkness to light.

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