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Soul Session 

Mind. Body. Soul. 

90 minute Session  -  Energy Exchange $222 Virtual or in Person 

 A Unique Combination of Soul Coaching & Energy Work, these 90 minutes are designed to be a catalyst for healing and transformation. Through Spiritual Bodywork, Energetic Shifts, Restorative Release and a plan for Aligned Action I will guide you on a journey to to physically, mentally and spiritually connect with yourself so you can embrace the best version of YOU. 


We will:

  • Tune in and listen to your intuition

  • ​Ground yourself & clear your mind

  • Peel back the layers so you can fully step into who you are meant to be

  • Shift the heaviness into light

  • Remove blocks & Resistance 

  • Restore Your Energy

  • Create the Space for Moving Forward 


In this Spiritually infused session you can expect:

  • the healing powers of reiki, 

  • aura cleansing & chakra clearing

  • Crystal 

  • Tibetan singing bowls & Sound Healing 

  • Aromatherapy 

  • Angels 


Soul Session Tune Up:

45 mins- Energy Exchange - $111

30 mins _ energy exchange $77 ( Offered Via Zoom or Phone) 

Sacred Space Clearing & Blessing

Cleanse. Balance. Restore

Energy Exchange $222 

Smudging and energetic cleansing is an ancient spiritual ritual for purification, removing negative energy and bringing ease and harmony into our lives.

Energies linger and  can build up in your space and home over time, creating a stagnant and negative atmosphere. Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension and bad energy?

This accumulation of old, stagnant energies, create blockages in our lives. When we clear, by smudging (burning of sacred woods and herbs), using methods of Reiki  crystals  we create space for abundance and flow.

We will create a beautiful ceremony for your specific intention, and will include a personalized home blessing and crystal to activate that energy flow within your home. 

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