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For the past decade I have been a bridge for hundreds of women, not only to themselves and their inner grace/ healing journey but from the physical world to the spiritual world. 

 Kacie brings a unique style to all of her work whether it is 1:1 session, a group event or if you are stopping down at the boutique for your next crystal.She takes pride in combining her extensive backgrounds in Psychology, Nutrition, Metaphysics, Yoga, Reiki and her experience working with women in the healing realm for the past decade.

Energy Magic

5-10 mins- Energy Exchange - $33

No Apt. Necessary . In this Express Cleansing just stop down during store hours so we can Tune up Your Vibe. 

Soul Sessions

 Connection. Guidance. Validation. Healing. Clarity. 

30 mins- Energy Exchange - $150 ( Virtual Session via Zoom )

60 mins- Energy Exchange - $300

Sessions are designed to bridge your physical and spiritual connections. A sacred container for you to feel, heal, connect and so much more. As a Psychic Medium I channel divine guidance and messages from  your loved ones & spirit guides. These messages often provide comfort, spiritual insight, and help you to gain a greater understanding for your journey.


Soul Sessions

 Connection. Guidance. Validation. Healing. Clarity. 

90 mins- Energy Exchange - $450 

These 90 minutes are designed to be a catalyst for healing and transformation using a unique combination of all the modalities I offer. Through Spiritual Bodywork, Energetic Shifts, & Divine Guidance,  I will  hold a sacred container for you to feel, heal, connect your mind body and soul. 


In this Spiritually infused session you can expect: 

  • The healing powers of reiki

  • Aura cleansing & chakra clearing

  • Crystals 

  • Tibetan singing bowls & Sound Healing 

  • Aromatherapy 

  • Angels 

  • Psychic medium messages & guidance 

Sacred Space Clearing & Blessing

Starting at 90mins- Energy Exchange - $500 Flat Fee ( Includes Travel and all materials)  

Each additional hour $100 as needed. 

Smudging and energetic cleansing is an ancient spiritual ritual for purification, removing negative energy and bringing ease and harmony into our lives.
Energies linger and can build up in your space and home over time, creating a stagnant and negative atmosphere. Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension and bad energy? This is the session for you.

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