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Imagine the buzz of the holidays behind you.

Look up. 

Envision the full moon, in all its light, energy, and strength. 

Now look outward. 

Which path ahead is illuminated? 


Are you walking confidently in the direction of your dreams, or are you standing still?

Is the promise of a new year overwhelming, or are your goals crystal clear? 


What would it mean to start this new decade with so much intention, so much sisterhood and so much moon magic that you will be energized for the best year yet? 


What would that feel like?


At this year’s January Moon Magic Mini-Retreat, we gather under the First Full Moon of the decade in a sacred space to tap into our intuition and to be held in a container of magic to access clarity, manifest our visions, nourish our souls, and release what is no longer serving us.


As the creative energy of the Full Moon flows we tune into her energy as well as our own. We will use different healing modalities, yoga, guided meditation, aromatherapy, and my signature #core-four program.


To Tune in and listen 

To ground ourselves & clear our mind's


To peel back the layers so we can fully step into

who are meant to be.


This evening is designed to reconnect you with your higher self and teach you how to lean into the natural flow of cyclical living. 


​​You will learn to flow and not force. 


I will guide as you move through and release, finding grace & harmony. You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated & EmpowHER'ed. 


Even if you’re standing still  and feel stuck now, 


Energy Exchange $111


You don't want to miss this sacred event.  No prior yoga or meditation experience is required.  Dress comfortably and wear layers. Socks or slippers welcome ♥

Rituals, Ceremony, Healing, Sisterhood

Energy Exchange $111

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