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Moon Magic Sessions: The Experience 

Harnessing the Moon’s Energy for all Phases of Being


The moon is always changing, teaching us not to fear change, but to embrace it.

 As she waxes, she invites in new energy; as she wanes, she moves into the darkness & releases her shadows.  

The moon embodies the cyclical turn from darkness to light.  

Tapping into this cyclical flow & embodying her energy allows us to flow through any phase of being, marking a full cycle of healing and transformation.  


In this engaging experience, we illuminate elements of different healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, reiki, crystals, & intuition- ALL in sync with the vibe of the moon.


  • Through sacred movement, the body will align, strengthen, and restore.  

  • Through spiritual bodywork, energetic shifts and restorative release will create the  space for the flow of healing.

  • Through aligned action  and the rhythm of ritual, these sessions will light your path & guide you back home to yourself.

New Moon or Full Moon

Personal: $222  ------- Business: $333


1:1 Individualized  Healing Experience

(90 Minutes)


Using a technique called Moon Mapping we will unveil your unique lunar rhythm and sync this with  your personal desires.

Shifting to a #moonmindset will allow you to walk away with a clear action plan, new time management system, and confidence in your own intuitive guidance.  






New Moon Sessions: Align & Manifest:  Waxing Phase



Full Moon Sessions:  Release & Restore:  Waning Phase

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Intend, Manifest, Begin, Strengthen, Focus, Refine,  Listen, & Align

Intend, Manifest, Begin, Strengthen, Focus, Refine,  Listen, & Align

Nourish, Embody, Release,  Reduce, Surrender, Reflect, Restore, & Allow

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