4 Weeks to Inner Peace, Clarity & Connection. 


Over the course of the 4 weeks I will be guiding you virtually on a journey to

Strength, Embodiment & Alignment. 

We start with the Summer Solstice & New Moon Eclipse.

Cosmically this seasonal shift will spark a transformation from within, a spark that lights the soul on fire and gives us a natural reminder of our own inner power & light.   

The Summer Solstice is a time to honor the light, it is time to be vibrant, abundant and nourished.

The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse brings new beginnings and urges us to to work toward the future, embrace uncertainty, take care of our homes, & prioritize habits.


Using the support of this cosmic energy  I will share with you the rituals & tools & subtle shifts that I have implemented for transformation and healing. Learn what  to do to  overcome blocks and create the mindset that will support a healthy and fulfilled personal life,  and /or a  thriving & successful business , how to love your body as it is right in this moment, increase your self worth and focus on the connection within yourself and those around you. 


It is time for you to tap into the CORE of who you are and shine bright sister! 


Here is what is included:

  • 4x Weekly Training Modules Videos, Workbooks, Audio Meditations

  • FB Support Group

  • Practical tools to help you release blocks, overcome obstacles, and choose love over fear.

  • Live Exclusive Slow Flow & Restorative Full Moon Yoga Class

  • Live Exclusive Guided Meditation

  • 2 Private 1:1 Healing Sessions with Kacie - via phone 30 minutes

  • 2 Live Zoom Workshops ( Preparation & Celebration Lecture plus Q&A)

  • A sisterhood of like minded ladies working on their best selves that want to support you! 



  • Virtual Tickets to TWO New Moon Circles (June & July) so you can stay in alignment

  • Personalized Archangel Moon Wheel

  • Wild Orange Essential Oil - (To release fears and promote the flow of abundance) 

  • Clear Quartz Healing Crystal 



The Journey to a New Light


Module 1: Vision & Vibe - Through Imagination & Intention we set the foundation for Magic & Miracles. Connecting to our higher self, spirit team, bringing in the energy of divination tools and of course the cyclical rhythm of the lunar phase.

Module 2: Strength & Momentum-  Going deep into our beliefs & blocks and then shifting our perspective through reframing and building strength. Creating an anchor to our true self and a roadmap for aligned action. 


Module 3: Nourish to Flourish - In week three we look to see what the Full Moon is illuminating for us to Nourish. We discover how to fuel our bodies, how to ground ourselves and finish the week off with a LIVE Full Moon Restorative Virtual Yoga Class.


Module 4: Release & Restore - Week four holds another healing session as we begin to release all that no longer serves us. We will unpack all of what has been holding us back, weighing us down and cut the energetic cords we may not even realize we are tied to. Divine Restoration, body image healing, the importance of sleep and how to actually get it. 




This LIVE  group program is $444 per participant 

To apply click here


How to tell if this course is for you

Do you suffer from little or no self-love?


Do you feel stuck?


Do you feel like something is continuously holding you back?


Do you always feel like you are on the edge of change, yet it never comes?


Are you ready to start manifesting your desires?


Are you ready to start experiencing success?


Are you ready to bust through your blocks and fears?


Are you ready to step into your power?


Are you ready to step into your own light and shine bright?



If you answered YES, to any of the the above questions,

then this course is for YOU!

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