A Ritual for Closing Out the Year

It's the last day of 2019, and also this decade.

December has pretty much been a wash for me. I was sick for sooo long I wasn't able to complete my annual review and reflection. So between all the holiday things and slowly starting to feel like human again I figured I would share a little bit about my process today as I make my way through.

Btw I still use a paper calendar & planner.

(Yes both and no I just can't use my phone)

I usually sit down with my calendar and planner and start to go through the prior months, looking for events, trips, personal things, family gatherings, workouts etc. I have also added in looking at my social media and photos on my phone for the case I missed writing something down in black and white.

I begin to take inventory. I look for patterns, I look for white space, I look for doctor appointments or trips to the healers I work with. I look for family time, I look for friend time, I look at my workshops and my private clients. I look out how much I worked out, I look for date nights, or trips with my husband. I look for time I got to spend with my daughter, I look to see how my retreats were schedule, how our vacations were planned out. I literally dissect my year.


What felt good, what didn't?

What felt forced?

What seemed to flow?

Where did I get sick? Where was my energy low?

Where did I have the most fun?

What felt easy?

It's only after I do this can I begin to really think about how I can make the next year even better.

After I review the year I usually meditate and invite in my #Spiritteam to help with the planning of the new year. Then I work on intentions.

There is so much hype around New Year's Resolutions and this year even more so with the new decade upon us.

A Resolution - a firm decision to do or to not do something.

Intention- A thing intended, an aim or a plan. A positive call to shift, A spark of magic & manifestation rooted in self love and backed with action.

I was never a big fan of "resolutions" they feel so rigid, so cold, make you feel like crap and then you eat a half gallon of ice cream or a huge bowl of pasta ( my choice) when you slip up. I also don't like the thought of "resolving" anything. Most of the things that show up in our lives are there to teach us, and to help us grow.


I crave flow, flexibility, & the ability to change course. Especially being a mom & business owner. Each day brings something new, and having a strict schedule or firm resolutions is just not in the cards.

I intend to flow through the year with ease & grace.

Creating, connecting and learning.

Embracing this journey and seeing where this journey takes me.

So ditch your resolutions and shift your mindset ~

How to create intentions:

Grab your journal and take a few minutes to go within, to connect with yourself.