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Are You Ready to Rise up?


Let’s get real for a second ------what can you not get off your mind right now?

What keeps bugging you?

What keeps you up at night?

We all have those nagging thoughts, ideas or things we know we need to do that we can’t seem to escape.

Heck I was just at Disney World for a week, having a great time but I kept thinking about 2019………. and what I wanted to create………..where I wanted my business to go…….. and how to show up in this world as a better version of myself.

Each year I pick a word, a theme per-say of what I want the year to look like. And this year, 3 weeks into the year and I finally have found it.


I have been seeing the word everywhere, hearing it, reading it. But I was ignoring all those signs from the Universe because I wasn’t actually taking the time to listen and FEEL into what I wanted. Once I actually did this - there it was…..literally on my nightstand in my face LOL - except when I read the word this time it just clicked.

What was super cool about this word and seeing it was all the nagging thoughts, ideas and things on my to- do list just came together. Over the past few months I had been working on creating some new options for my 1:1 offerings but the timing just wasn’t right and it wasn't flowing- until now.

So I’m so ready to announce my Rise EmpowHer Collection.

A boutique style of services, fusing together rhythm, grace and magic to become all of you.

This is big.

My passion to serve is not limited to one neat little category and over the course of 2018 I learned this. I explored different avenues of serving...... Leading Retreats, Workshops, Private Healing Sessions, Yoga Class, Private Yoga Classes, Teaching Teachers, Teaching Reiki, Writing, Life Coaching, Talk Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Readings, Card Readings, Energy Readings, Pendulum Readings, Building Websites for Clients, Helping Clients Write Content, Find Clients of Their Own, Finding their Passions & Purposes and I found I LOVED THEM ALL.

Through this I got crystal clear on what I am here to do.

I am here to hold the space for deep healing and transformation and I do this authentically and unapologetically. Through my 4 pillars of grace, I guide clients on a journey to RISE up.

Through rhythm and accountability together we tackle whatever restrictions and triggers are holding them back. We will clear old patterns and imprint new rituals for success.

Do you feel ready for things to finally be different?

Do you feel it's time to commit to yourself?

Are you ready to fall in love with your body and your soul?

Are you ready to heal old wounds, so they stop showing up?

How about finally get into a flow?

Then this is it!

The Rise EmpowHer Collection.

Stress Less - This package is for you if you are overwhelmed, exhausted and do not find time for yourself on your mile high to do list OR while taking care of everyone else in your life. Through mindful movement and tangible techniques we will having you feeling zen in no time. Think restorative yoga, reiki, removing emotions trapped in your body, I will hold the space for YOU to recharge and restore. (Also Included - Yoga Bolster, Personal Oil Blend, Crystal Collection)

Be the Guru- Looking to deepen your connection to yourself, strengthen your intuition and develop a spiritual practice? I got you covered sister! As your spiritual bestie I will guide you through meditation, rituals, divination tools that will uncover your inner guru. (Also Included - Pendulum, Journal, Crystal Collection)

Boss Babe - This is for the boss babe who needs a business bestie to help her rise to the next level. Whether you are just getting started or have been at it for years, I am here to help you up-level and make 2019 your best year yet. (Also Included - Pendulum, Journal, Crystal Collection)

I want you to FEEL EMPOWHER’ed

So you can

Feel good in your body

Manifest your intentions

Deepen your connection with your intuition

Tap into the wisdom of your body

Feel joy and alignment in your day to day life

When we work together we will

Uncover what holds you back

Infuse more love and joy into your life

Learn how to better manage stress

Learn rituals to recondition your life

You don’t have to keep trying ALONE.

Are you ready to Rise up and be EmpowHer’ed?

If you are ready to RISE in 2019 with me, hit reply and lets chat about which program option fits you best.

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