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Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a Sacred Space

January 4, 2016

My little sacred space provides a mini retreat within my own home that I can escape to at anytime to do a little soul work, connect with spirit, work on my yoga or just have 5 minutes of quiet. 

Setting up your own sacred space can be a meditative practice in itself. Our daily lives are typically so crammed that taking time for ourselves gets pushed aside so easily. Which is exactly why designating a spot will help you remember why its so important to commit to a spiritual practice  - even its just 2 minutes a day.

Honestly you don't need much to get started, so no need to run to the store. I bet if you take a look around your home you will find just what you are looking for. First start by taking a walk around-notice any corners, nooks, window seat, room, attic, closet, bathroom that can provide some solitude and where you can feel peaceful. 

DESIGNATE it as your sacred space.....this alone sets the tone for change. 

Now that we know where your space will be the fun can begin.

You will want to create an "altar" to sit before and practice. An altar can be a small table, bench, shelf, tree log, a stack or your favorite books etc. Really anything will work here so try to be creative. You can add your yoga mat, props, blankets, a nice chair, big comfy pillows - anything that will bring comfort. 

Next you will want to add items that have meaning or intention to you. They can be spiritual but don't limit yourself. If it makes you smile or feel good than give it a go! Some examples can be a salt lamp, crystals, essential oils, sage, statues of angels or other divine beings, a picture of a loved one. You can bring nature inside and maybe something from each of the elements. ( Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood) Whatever it is you choose let the vibe be high and let it be fun. Please don't stress over creating a sacred space. 

 Here are a few pictures of my current altar. This is set up in my home office so it has a bit more going on than most. The little table is actually a shoe rack that I covered with a pashmina, and its portable so when I have a client or feel like meditating in my room I can easily move it.  

I keep my journal, headphones for music and guided meditations, angel cards, essential oils, my pendulum, crystals, things I have found in nature and a few candles. Depending on what I am working on the items can be interchangeable.  

My mom made me the awesome meditation cushion with chakra tassels and its so comfy. ( This is also where I do distant healing's) I have a cork yoga block nearby which acts as table for my journal or an additional seat if I want to elevate my hips. 

Another cool thing I do is I grab a basket and create a traveling altar so I can carry it from room to room with me. This is usually in addition to my altar space because my daughter is always on the move LOL and I like to have my cards and crystals with me ALL the time <3

What does your sacred space looks like!

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