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Do you find yourself constantly performing, pleasing, or proving?

Do you find yourself constantly performing, pleasing, or proving? This is a sign you aren’t living in alignment with your heart. To begin to peel back the layers, we must look at ourselves in an intimate way. We must become witness to our false beliefs, our patterns, and our self- limiting stories. When we do this, we gain access to our power. As women, we are always worrying about how others see us: our body, our house, our marriage.

What are the stories you tell yourself? Others?

What do you believe about yourself?

What labels have you assigned?

You can’t stand in your power unless you know who you are: strengths, weaknesses, shadows, and light. If you know who you are, embrace it. No one can define your worth or take away your power. So, who are you? We all want to be better and grow. When we think from a place of lack or deficiency, we only create havoc. It is when we explore the darkness that we work towards the light. Ramana Maharshi, a great teacher of the yogic tradition, says that to attain inner freedom, one must consistently and sincerely ask, “Who am I?” This is simply a collection of letters. Begin to let go of experiences and see who is present. Acknowledge who is experiencing the experiences. What we think about ourselves, we become. We have ideas about ourselves that we use as limitations.

When you think about all the roles you play, how do you feel?

How do you define yourself?

Who are you today?

For me, there was always this something that I was longing for, searching for, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Towards the end of last year, when I had a breakdown, ummm, I mean, spiritual awakening, I noticed most of my to–do’s were finally checked off my list. However, I was still longing for, searching for something, and I still wasn’t sure what it was. Being the spiritual teacher I am, I turned to my toolbox to see what was really happening. As I began to peel back the layers, digging deeply and connecting to myself again, I realized that I was still in a repetitive thought pattern of not enough. I wasn’t authentically present. I didn’t have it all together: my house wasn’t clean, I wasn’t in perfect shape, and I wasn’t the best parent (turns out Netflix is a lifesaver). In reality, I was pretty sick, recently diagnosed with Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue, & some nerve damage.

I have seen this with so many of my clients, time after time. Thoughts of, “When I lose the weight, I will be happy,” or “When I leave that job I hate, I will be happy,” or “When I leave that relationship I hate, I will be happy.” How about the should’s: I should be working out more, I should be eating better, or I should be spending less. When we live our lives this way, in these stories, in these patterns of future tripping, we will always feel as if something is missing. I knew it was time to stop looking outside of myself for it. It was time to meet myself where I was. Thus began the sacred journey of turning in, reconnecting with my inner grace, reclaiming my power, and becoming my own, authentic guru.

What blocks your power?

What keeps you from shining your light?

Are you living your truth?

Comparing, judging, and slipping into jealousy… this has to end! There is so much more to life! We have to get out of own way. To live an EmpowHer’ed life, we accept ourselves, as we are right now: Yes, I am imperfect! I am already all that I seek! I am healing! This takes courage. Stop defeating, defining, and diminishing! Hold yourself in this new light; absorb and release the power and wonder of YOU!

You are love!

You are strong!

You are worthy!

You are powerful!

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