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Minerals and Magic

So about a month ago I was gifted this set to try out the complex of trace minerals and see what I thought. Well if you have been following along with me, you know I have been having some health issues. I have a ton of fatigue and inflammation on a daily basis. Since adding this to my routine I feel I have more energy and am getting stronger each day.

The original Shilajit from @purehimalayanshilajit is a combination of organic microelements, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbon-60, plant antioxidants and many other useful organic acids that distinguishes it from any other microelements.

12 Benefits of Shilajit

Benefit 1: Healing of Skin, Organs and Muscles From Wounds, Burns and Bruises

Benefit 2: Strong Bones and Joints, Anti-Inflammation and Arthritis Remedy

Benefit 3: Heart, Blood & Circulation

Benefit 4: Physical Performance & Energy, Post Workout Recovery

Benefit 5: Immune Function & Mental Chelation

Benefit 6: Anti Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Benefit 7: Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Benefit 8: Rejuvenation

Benefit 9: Skin Care & Wrinkles

Benefit 10: Hair & Skin, Shower Gel Supplementation

Benefit 11: Sexual Potency, Testosterone, Androgen & Estrogen

Benefit 12: Longevity, Powerful Antioxidant

Want to try it? Check it out here

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