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The Mermaid, The Angel of the Sea , The Body

My love for mermaids didn’t stem from childhood like most girls my age with Princess Ariel. She didn’t do it for me, although I did enjoy the movie. I wasn’t a Disney princess gal- I’d rather be playing school with my BF and younger sisters. Of course, I was always the teacher.

My obsession, yes I think that's the right word, began about the time of my spiritual awakening. It was actually a mermaid that awoke me, or should I say, taught me.

After my husband and I got married we started house shopping, knowing exactly what we wanted. The first house we entered into contract for was a short sale; it needed a lot of work, but had great bones. It had a pool, 4 bedrooms, was on a nice block, and had a great unfinished space upstairs that I knew could be my yoga studio one day. If you have ever known anyone who was in contract on a short sale, it takes a long time. During this time I became pregnant and we started to grow impatient with the process we had entered into. One night I was scrolling the realtor app on my phone and asked my husband, “What if we look in a price range a little higher?” The house we were currently in contract for needed a ton of work right away, like I had mentioned- so what if we add that amount to the listing price of house? This opened up a whole new set of houses for us to explore. Plus, we were nearing the time where we could back out of the short sale if we chose, and still hadn’t heard back from the seller’s bank.

Our realtor and good friend knew our must haves:

A porch

A fireplace

4 bedrooms

North Shore


He immediately lined up a few houses for us to see. My husband found one too that he wanted to look at. He showed it to me online, but I wasn’t impressed. It looked a bit dated and I didn’t really care for the location. I also remembered it from when I was younger, as it had a big mermaid stained-glass window above the front door. It was on the corner of a busy road and that would not be ideal for our future kids, but somehow this house was on our list for that wintery Saturday. I remember pulling up and thinking I don’t know why we are wasting our time here. I am a bit of that stubborn bull Taurus. LOL

As we walked up to the house, I noticed there was a porch. It seemed big and wrapped around the turret in the front. However, when we made it to the front door, I immediately got a bit of a 'tude (as Tony would call it). It was so narrow and not useful for hanging on the porch and having a glass of Prosecco in the evenings. Yet, something shifted a bit when we went inside. The house had a spiritual feel to it. There were a lot of angels and even more mermaids ALL over the house. It was a bit much for my taste but it was comforting in a strange way. We continued the house tour and I noticed in the kitchen a bunch of Young Living Oils (which I was obsessed with at the time too). I took this as a sign. The house was nice. I was mad that I liked it. I was mad I felt so good in it.

We left that day and looked at 4 or 5 more houses in the area. None of them felt like that one did to me. We put an offer in, but it wasn’t accepted. There was a higher bidder and we were outbid. So the search began again. Truthfully, I just wanted a break - I was 7 weeks pregnant and felt an intense pressure to be in a house before the baby arrived in November. We started to look at new construction and were pretty close to contract on that house when our realtor called and said the other offer on the Mermaid house fell through. It seemed too good to be true, but they accepted our original offer and since we were already pre-approved, had nothing to sell, and the sellers were ready to be out, we closed on our home in 21 days- from start to finish.

Those 21 days between putting the offer in and officially closing were life changing and not in a way you would imagine. A week before we were set to close, I lost the baby. I was cracked open, and knew that all the trauma was leading me to something bigger. I even said that to my husband on the way to the hospital that night.

The next few days were just a blur to me, and when I started to come out of it, it was time to close on our new home. A fresh start! I couldn’t wait. My husband had just started a new job and as timing would work out, he would be away for the closing. Just 6 days after we lost the baby, I thought we would go home to this new house together, but I had to go and close the deal for us both. Thankfully my dad and realtor were there for me during this process. It was supposed to be such a happy time, but I was so sad and couldn’t deny the loss I felt.

Later that afternoon, I went to the new house, and as I pulled up, the first thing I saw was the Mermaid window.

There she was, waiting for me.

Waiting for me at the door of my new home.

Waiting for me to start the next chapter.

She would be the guiding light that got me through the next loss we had. She was the guiding light that watched over our home and gave me strength to

keep on going when I don’t want to.

It was no surprise to me when I was starting to rebrand my business to keep up with my spiritual awakening that she came to me in a meditation. I saw her flowy hair and felt her calming presence. She is all that embodies what I call my sister tribe of grace chasers, as that is what I long to embody- all that she stands for. When we think of our physical body, this is exactly how we want to feel. This angel of the sea flows with her sensual power, keeps calm in turbulent water, and embraces the freedom of soul.

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