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The Moon made me do it........Rituals to harness the energy of the Full Moon!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The Full Moon has always been something that has intrigued me. With its beauty, magic and mystery since I was little girl I always felt a strong connection to it.

I'm the girl with a million bad cell phone pictures of the moon, however every once and while I do get a good one. LOL

A few years back I started to hold #mooncircles for my tribe. We dove deep, followed the phases of her energy and really tapped into this natural source of guidance and abundance. These circles are still running each month, and have even evolved to retreats and workshops.

The Full Moon is the high point of the lunar cycle. It's a very powerful time for inner work aka soulwork as I like to call it.

There is no better time to look within, shifting blocks, healing, releasing, & letting go. Its a magical time to surrender all that no longer serves you, the things we don't want. ( examples - guilt, fear, jealousy, toxic thoughts , relationships, habits - you get the point)

I am also a creature of habit - so rituals make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love creating them and following them for a few days and then completely forgetting about them (just being honest......) and then coming back to them again.


A ritual is magical, they make us feel warm and fuzzy. Rituals give meaning and substance to our lives, enhancing daily routines and the mundane activities. They can guide us through difficult times and amplify the best of times. Sacred rituals can bring forth big transformation depending on the intention behind it. The word "sacred" comes from the Latin word sacrum, which relates to power or strength.

These Full Moon rituals are truly magical, and since it happens only once a month is something super easy to start your self love practice. 

What you need: Paper, Pen, Sage, Lighter, Journal

To begin I always ground myself. To do this find a quiet space ( maybe outside under the light of the moon or by a window in your home near the moonlight) and just begin to notice the breath. The inhale, the exhale. Scan the body, the mind and notice what comes up. Feelings, Sensations, Thoughts - anything.

Just notice. 

I think its super important to journal around the Moon. Its really helpful to look back and see where you have been and what you have accomplished. Take notice as to what sign the Moon is in and just write it down at the top of your page. ( When the moon is New in a sign it starts a 6 month cycle, with the phase of the new moon we set intentions, and 6 months later when the moon becomes full for the zodiac sign that energy comes to completion) So spend a few minutes just checking in within yourself and journaling about how you are feeling, what is going on in your life etc.

SoulWork: Forgiveness & Release


        In your minds eye focus on the word Forgiveness.

        Focus on the feeling of Forgiveness. 

        Next Forgive yourself. Ladies we are wayyyy to hard on ourselves . There are way to many expectations and judgements out there that somehow even as hard as we try we still manage to get caught up in. So forgive yourself for all the nonsense you didn't get to this month. Like the diet you were going to start, all the times you didn't get to the gym, or for how hard you are on yourself, kids, partner etc. Forgive and move on. You don't need this bogging you down.

        I bet you feel better already!



         Write down on a piece of paper all that you wish to release from your life. This may be limiting beliefs, relationships, feelings, anything that no longer serves you or that you need to let go of. Let the pen lead, and just write till you feel free. Once you have completed this release, read what you have written. Breathe deep into your heart space and you read your words. Either aloud or in your mind. Allow yourself to see all that is on this piece of paper, and set an intention to "release" it all. Declare it to yourself to be free from all that you wrote. 

Sage Your Space:

            This smudging ritual is one of my favorites. Using a smudge stick ( aka sage bundle) allowing the smoke produced to clear negative energy making sure to get every corner of every room. I waft the smoke with a feather to help move it along. One of my spiritual teachers passed on a great addition to this ritual, she suggests leaving your front door open so all the negative and unwanted stuff can be released.  While I am walking around my house I usually say a little cleansing prayer asking for all unwanted and negative energies to leave my space and to purify the air . I also thank my guides, angels and loved ones for their protection. This is also a great time to sage your crystals or angel cards. I  even like to leave mine out in the moonlight to charge them up. After I sage, I walk around with Palo Santo and invite in blessings of abundance. I have some Full Moon Magic Kits you can purchase here.


Sage Your Energy:

     To take this magical moon ritual even further I take the sage stick while still lit and use it to burn down my paper of everything I released.  I do this safely in abalone shell, the shell represents water, a gift from the ocean. I simply tear the paper up into little pieces and burn it in the shell.  I let this waft and burn while I take a relaxing epsom salt bath to seal off my ritual. I cleanse my body and meditate softly on all that I am letting go. 

Let the ashes cool, then return them to the earth. Thank the earth for providing a sacrifice of plants for you to use, and thank the plants and fire as well. Ashes will provide nutrients back to the soil. 

Work on nourishing yourself under the Full Moon, after you have cleared your energy and your space - write a list of what you need right now. ( Epsom Salt Bath, Big Cup of Tea, Dinner with your partner or girlfriends, etc) Tune in and NOTICE. Then give it to yourself. <3

Enjoy the amazing illuminating energy the Full Moon brings.

What are your favorite Full Moon Rituals? I'd love to hear them! <3

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