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Manifesting Miracles

Updated: May 31, 2018

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon align at the same degree in the sky. 

The Moon is barely visible to us or you see a very faint sliver. 

When this happens, the qualities of the Sun and Moon merge together creating a heightened portal of fertility.

A new cycle begins. 

The Sun being our identity, and the Moon being our emotions, together the two fuse together to amplify our own sense of self and intuition.

New moons offer embarkation.

They initiate new beginnings.  

Setting intentions at the time of the new moon allows you to plant seeds for your desires in alignment with the cosmos—giving your powers of manifestation a cosmic boost.  

Anything is possible under a New Moon.  What area of your life do you want to hit the reset button?  What area of your life do you want to take to the next level?  Are you willing to embrace its potential? 

Start with Gratitude - Take a moment to feel gratitude for all that is good in your life.  Think about people & situations that make you the happiest.  Tap into this feeling and let it flow out.   

Close your eyes and focus on the breath. Begin to notice the inhale, the exhale.

In your minds eye think about what intentions you want to set for the next month. 

All of the wishes, dreams & desires. 

If you aren't sure ask the divine to show you. 

Invite the energy to lead.

After a few moments of going inward break out your journal and get busy! 

Write down all of your wishes, dreams, intentions, and desires. 

Be as specific as you can. 

Candle Ritual

On the night of the new moon hold your candle saying your intentions to the candle as well as to the universe.  Repeat your wishes for a total 3X’s 

Surrender & Release attachment to these intentions. 

Feel as if they already happened. 

Trust in the universe. 

Om Namo Narayani

This or something better now manifests for me, under grace in perfect ways.

I like to play this mantra on Spotify when I complete this ritual.

( It's the last song on the playlist)

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