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Your Tribe is Waiting

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life?

Perhaps it's something you just can't put your finger on, but you know its there.

A few years back I had this feeling that I couldn't really figure out.

Something WAS missing, but what?

I have a huge family, who to be honest I probably see to much- so I didn't feel alone. I have a wonderful husband and we have a relationship I am proud of - so it wasn't a romantic partnership. I have friends, a home, more things I can really ask for. I travel and feel I experience life in so many ways but I had this haunting underlying feeling that I was missing something. And it felt BIG. My family has a history of depression and I often wondered if this was what I was struggling with. Having a background in psychology I knew I had to get to work and figure it out or go talk to a professional.

After some deep work, I figured out I was missing a spiritual connection and a sisterhood of women who understand on me on a deeper level.

Ah ha

Just figuring that out -felt as though the weight on my shoulders had been lifted.

I started searching for these things. I would find classes and workshops here and there that perked my interest but really nothing consistent enough or close by that lit me up and held me in a container to share my light and fill my cup.

So in true Kacie fashion, I decided to create it.

A tribe of women who hold the space for each other, who sometimes do the holding and sometimes need to be held. A group of women who understand you like oracle cards and connecting with your higher self and that doesn't make you a witch or a ghost whisperer. A collection of ladies who also want to work on personal development and creating a life where they are living the best version of themselves.

And in fact I have attracted just that. The GraceChaser Tribe aka family is a collection of sisters just like I described above. Whether near or far the CONNECTION is real and so is the MAGIC.

If you have that same familiar feeling I once did, maybe do a little soul searching and see if you need a little more connection in your life ( both to yourself and a high vibe of women who understand you)

If you find you do - find a tribe who gets you and what you value ASAP. You can always check out the Gracechaser Tribe too both on FB and in person.

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