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How often do you show up for yourself?

If I was to ask you where you fall on your list of priorities what would you tell me?

When I start working with a new client, they usually answer this question with a blank stare….. or stack themselves somewhere around number 10 on the list.

Kind of like I am crazy for even asking.

“Well I have kids, a spouse, a job, a house, extended family” - the list goes on and on.

If this sounds familiar sister, you are not alone.

I’m totally guilty of putting myself on the bottom of my list too, hell sometimes not even putting myself on the list at all. But what I am here to share with you is that if you are not showing up for yourself you are really doing a disservice to yourself.

Lately I have been seeing a trend, and after speaking with some soul sister’s in similar fields I felt I needed to talk about what we have been noticing and maybe help shift your perception around it.

So let me ask you a question - how often do you cancel on yourself?

How often do you make plans to do something for YOU and then end up canceling because you are to tired or something came up for someone else?

How often do you make promises to yourself and don’t follow through?

How often do you take 5 minutes out of your day for you?

I can’t tell you how often I see women cancelling on themselves. Whether its a meditation, a special class you want to take, going for a walk, meeting you girlfriends or doing a workout in your living room - be truthful with yourself and think about ALL the times you cancel on yourself.

Now of course, I am not talking about the times when things are out of your control and you really have to cancel.

I am talking about the times when you just flat out cancel on yourself.

When I cancel on myself I have learned I really backtrack and get triggered by every little thing.

When I don’t show up for ME, I feel lost, unmotivated, disconnected, and depressed.

However when I do invest in myself, and what brings me JOY I am recharged in a way that my Starbucks could never fulfill.

Spending ACTUAL time with ACTUAL people, making real life connections is what fuels me. When this doesn’t happen on a regular basis I start to get off track. I start to slowly see myself hibernating again.

So I make sure I have things on my calendar to make real connections. This goes to the top of my priority list and I do not CANCEL on myself anymore. Even when I feel like going to bed, I force myself to go and I always feel the JOY afterwards.

I am not bringing this up for another chance for you to judge yourself, I bring this up to open your awareness to maybe where you are canceling on yourself and where you could show up in your life a little bit more.

Think about one thing you can add in this week for YOU. Hit Reply and let me hear it sister <3

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