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It's ok to begin again....and again...

When you get off track, it's ok to begin again.

Being a spiritual teacher has lead me down a path that I cherish but sometimes it comes with challenges.

When we are on a spiritual path or any path in fact, it's easy to veer off.

In fact it’s pretty normal.

Life happens, we get busy and slowly we get further away from our intentions or our rituals and soon enough we could end up in place we don’t recognize.

Sometimes we don’t even recognize the person who we are in that moment.

This was the moment I was in a few months ago, and I truly didn't recognize myself.

I turned to my spiritual toolbox and just began again.

I started to peel back layers and uncover why I was stuck things started to make sense.

Being on a spiritual path doesn’t mean you have your shit together all the time, hell it usually means you so far from having your shit together you are searching for light in anyway you can.

And that’s just it, we don’t need all ducks in row to begin again.

You don’t need to eat clean, make green juice, go to yoga, meditate, journal, use your crystals, your essential oils, do your breathe work all on a Monday morning to be your best self.

You don't need to lose weight before you go to that class you have ben wanting to go on or that trip you have been dreaming of.

You don't have to eat like crap all day because you had cookies for breakfast.

You can just chose to begin again.

Just begin now, with what you have and start doing the work.

Begin and show up for yourself,

Maybe it’s making time to meditate today


maybe it’s taking a nap.

Just begin and the rest will fall into place when it does, and if it doesn’t something better might show up.

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