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The Season of Growth

How you are doing?

So many of you have been reaching out and telling me how you are feeling stuck, blocked and honestly ready to burst.

This time of year can do that to us.

Think of how a little seed feels just as it's about to burst through the soil and bloom into something totally new. So full of energy ( good or bad)- ready to scream, not knowing what to expect, not wanting to step forward. Wanting to go back into the old habits, where its comfy and secure. Back under the ground.

That's what transition feels like. That's what transformation feels like.

We don't usually see it coming.

We feel it.

More often than not when we feel this way, we just need to shift our vibration and see our situation in a new light.

Literally change your lens. Try to see what its teaching you, what is the lesson trying to come out. Can you take a step back and remove your emotions and see the bigger picture.

Some of my upcoming events may help too. Check them out here and here.

Want more support - let's chat and see how I can support you.

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